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Who is liable for an injury in a private property?

Owners of private properties should be aware of the risks posed by some of the defects that can arise in their homes due to lack of maintenance. They will be responsible for warning whoever visits them about these dangers to avoid accidents on their property.

These accidents can result in minor to severe injuries, depending on the situation, and can happen to anyone who has not noticed or been warned about the breakdown in the host’s home. Whether you are a family member, friend, or colleague, they will have the responsibility to maintain their property in a condition that does not endanger the safety of their guests. Otherwise, they will have to pay for your bills or your compensation if you have suffered an injury or loss due to their negligence.

Negligent acts on the part of property owners may include but are not limited to failure to maintain their home, failure to repair defects or damage, or failure to warn or point out hazards around their home. All these actions give rise to accidents such as falls on stairs, slips on unstable or wet floors, burns, or attacks by dangerous animals.

Whatever the case, you must have proof that, in fact, the owner committed negligence that makes him or her guilty of your injuries. They will be responsible for the payments of medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages or of employment, and the pain or suffering caused by the accident.

Finally, it is important to mention that California law does not protect someone who has been injured while entering a home without the owner’s permission and has been injured in the same vicinity due to their reckless actions. Since, in this case, the owner did not have the opportunity to warn those who entered the property about the dangers.

We recommend you approach a professional in this type of case to file a claim because it can be a complex process to carry out, which requires gathering evidence to prove your case. This will help you through the process and to earn the compensation you deserve after being injured on a property with hazards that you did not expect.

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