What is Your Risk of Illness and Injury in California?

Our firm is dedicated to defending injured Californians in a newer, smarter way, which means staying on top of illnesses and injuries specific to California. 

Overall, Southern California is a fantastic place to live. The weather is excellent, the entertainment is boundless, and the natural landscape is stunning. That being said, a few illnesses and injuries are more likely/common here than they are in other parts of the nation. Herrera Law stays on top of these so that we can offer the best defense to any California who is suffering. 

Here are three injuries and illnesses that are more common in Southern California:

  1. Smog-Related Illnesses. Los Angeles is notorious for its smog. While it has improved in recent years as environmental initiatives take hold, experts estimate that Southern California residents breathe dirty air every one day in three. The effects of smog in the lungs can include coughing, wheezing, and headaches. 
  2. Car Accidents. Los Angeles is a motor city, and with major freeways crisscrossing our metropolis, car accidents become a significant risk. There are nearly 2.5 million registered vehicles within the city of Los Angeles alone. Every day, more than 160 accidents occur that result in an injury or fatality. As either a driver or a passenger, using a car in Los Angeles comes with significant risk. Make sure to obey traffic laws and take every safety precaution available to you.
  3. Earthquake related injuries. Los Angeles sits on the San Andreas Fault – literally where two tectonic plates come together. As those plates shift and move, earthquakes occur. Los Angeles hasn’t had a significant and devastating earthquake in quite some time (The 1994 Northridge earthquake registered at a magnitude of 6.7 and killed at least 57 people), but minor earthquakes happen all the time. Injuries can range drastically, but even something as minor as a fall accident caused by an earthquake can lead to significant injury. 

If you are a Southern California resident, it is essential to know your risk of illness and injury. If you experience an illness or injury that is unique to the area you live in, you need an attorney who understands how your environment contributed to your bad health. You need the Herrera Law legal team. Don’t wait. Call today.

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