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What is cut through driving while using a GPS?

GPSs are incredible tools. Drivers no longer need to struggle with directions, pull over to consult maps or drive around aimlessly looking for specific addresses. Now, with GPS technology, drivers can plug in their exact destination and follow the digital instructions in real-time.

More recently, GPSs have included traffic conditions in their directions. If a road or intersection is clogged up, the GPS may suggest alternative routes in order to save the driver time. This is a fantastic feature until it comes to cut-through driving.

Cut-through driving refers to cutting through private property in order to avoid heavy traffic or traffic control devices. For example, if there is a traffic jam ahead, and the GPS sends you through a Walmart parking lot in order to get to a parallel street on the other side of the store, this is actually an illegal practice. Same goes for cutting through a gas station on a corner to avoid waiting at a red light in order to turn.

The thing is, cut-through driving makes things easier for you, but harder for everyone else on the road. Let’s say you cut through a parking lot in order to avoid waiting at a red light to turn left. That traffic light is there for a reason, and that reason is to control the flow of traffic. By circumventing that traffic control device, you have now obstructed the system and added another vehicle to the road when it shouldn’t be there. This can lead to accidents and delays.

So remember that even though your GPS is aimed and offering you speed and convenience, that it is in your best interest to obey the laws of the road first, and your GPS’s instructions second.

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