What are some tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying after an accident?

Insurance companies are businesses, and that means that they are not motivated to pay large settlements that may affect their bottom lines. It is an unfortunate reality that years of consistent insurance payments may not result in a sizeable payout when you really need it. Below are several ways that insurance companies try to avoid paying victims following an accident:

Rideshare accidents: Both Uber and Lyft maintain insurance, but in the result of an accident those insurance companies will try tin claim that the driver’s insurance is responsible for the payout. When insurance companies bicker, the victims are the ones who lose.

Trucking accidents: A lot of trucking companies force their drivers to lease or buy their own equipment. When accidents occur, there is often a battle between the trucking company’s insurance and the driver’s insurance, with both companies refusing to pay.

Slip & Fall/Trip & Fall accidents: In these situations, insurance companies love to claim that the injured party should have taken more care. By putting the onus of responsibility on the victim, they can avoid paying out hefty settlements.  

If you or a loved one are in an accident, remember that insurance companies are not on your side. Call us for consultation following your personal injury accident, and we can help ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for your suffering.

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