What are my rights after being injured by a dangerous product?

Picture this – you are in the kitchen preparing a meal for your friends and family. In order to save time while slicing the onions, you decided to use your mandolin slicer. You set up the mandolin on its kickstand and begin to slice away. A defect in the product causes the kickstand to collapse when pressure is applied, so the moment you press down on your onion, the mandolin collapses which causes your hand to slip. You are gashed by the sharp blade of the mandolin and you are significantly injured. 

In this situation, your injury was caused by an inherently dangerous product that was defective in a way that made it even more dangerous to anyone using it. If you are injured while using a dangerous product, you are likely entitled to damages from the manufacturer. The damages you are awarded are meant to compensate you for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, time away from work, and pain and suffering. Think of product liability cases like personal injury cases. In a personal injury case you are entitled to damages from whomever caused the accident. In product liability cases, the product manufacturer caused your accident and is therefore responsible for your damages. 

Going up against a large company or product manufacturer can be difficult and intimidating. Often times, these large companies have legal resources that individuals simply do not have. Instead of handling a lawsuit like this alone, call us for help and support. We can and have gone toe-to-toe with large manufacturing companies, and we are successfully secured significant damages for our clients. Suffering an injury caused by a product is bad enough. You should not have to bear the strain of medical bills and time away from work following a product related injury. We will fight hard for your rights and can help you to secure the damages you deserve. Don’t wait. Call today.

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