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Types of injuries at swimming pools

In the summer season, the pools are one of the busiest places, especially in our state, due to the high temperatures in recent months. However, they also represent a danger for those who use them if they do not take the corresponding precautions.

Every year thousands of accidents happen in both public and private swimming pools that unfortunately claim lives, especially of our smallest ones. The most common cause of accidents in swimming pools is the lack of care of their users. But they can also be the result of negligence by those in charge of the establishment.

By not having adequate security measures in the establishment, there can be serious accidents. Among the steps to be taken are: constantly moping water puddles, putting up signs, cleaning the pool, doing maintenance, among others.

The United States Center for Disease Control mentions that drowning in swimming pools is the fifth most common cause of unintentional death among the population. And according to statistics, children under the age of 15 are the most prone to swimming pool accidents.

The most common accidents in public and private pools for both children and adults are:

  • Drowning that can cause death.
  • Diving injuries.
  • Falls on the sides of the pool due to slippery floors. 
  • Defects in swimming pools such as electrical problems that can cause serious accidents when touching the water.
  • Slides
  • Getting caught in filters that create suction or between an inflatable toy.

Due to all the potential accidents, there must be a lifeguard in the pools where many people go. This could prevent severe injuries and even death.

If you have suffered one of these accidents in a swimming pool, it could be that you deserve compensation if you believe that the property was at fault. If they are found guilty, they must pay for the damages suffered, medical bills, among others.

Request the support of one of our personal injury attorneys to learn the process to follow and achieve the compensation that corresponds to you.

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