Successful Trial Judgement

Dogs are popular and beloved household pets, but when they turn aggressive, the damages can be significant. We recently tried a case in which a dog bite victim was awarded $250,000 in damages. 

The Incident:

Our client was walking his small dog near his home in Calabasas when he encountered a dog walker with two large, aggressive dogs. My client kept his distance and actually had the foresight to ask the walker if the dogs were friendly. The dog walker responded truthfully with “no” but then failed to maintain proper control of the animals. One of the dogs broke free and charged our client’s small dog. Our client intervened and was able to separate the animals. As a result, his hands were bloodied and his fingers badly wounded. Fortunately, his small dog was fine. He took himself to urgent care and eventually to the hospital.

The Injuries:

At the hospital, our client soon discovered that two fingers on his left hand and one finger on his right hand had been fractured. The injuries were so significant on his left hand that x-rays revealed that the bones had splintered into fragments. This damage resulted in surgery with a two-day in-patient stay. His fingers had to be pinned together as they healed, and he eventually required a second surgery to remove scar tissue. 

The Effects:

The incident itself was traumatic, the injuries painful, and the recovery was extensive. Our client was forced to undergo significant and somewhat risky medical procedures and spent several months in physical therapy. The client works in IT and spends most of his day typing at a computer, so the significance of this injury was compounded by the fact that he could not work during the recovery time.

The Results:

This case had some significant liability and insurance coverage issues. The defendant tried to blame our client for the incident, but, thanks to our aggressive litigation, we proved that our client had done absolutely nothing wrong. He was simply walking his dog and suffered a heinous attack. Justice was served and our client was awarded $250,000. 

This was a challenging case, but one that we took head-on. We are happy to help our client receive appropriate damages on his road to recovery, and we look forward to winning similar cases in the future. No one should have to bear the burden of an injury that wasn’t their fault. With our attorneys on your side, you won’t have to. 

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