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Slip and fall at a hotel.

Slip and fall accidents are widespread and can happen anywhere, anytime, including while on vacation.

The most frequent accidents in a hotel occur around swimming pools due to the high likelihood of puddles of water or wet floors when people leave the pools without drying correctly.

Another common occurrence is to fall in restaurants, where guests can trip if someone threw food or spilled drinks, which was not reported to the hotel staff. Or if the staff didn’t clean it up immediately and no sign was posted.

Although there are more dangers in public areas of a hotel, it can also happen that a guest has an accident in the bathroom of their room.

A hotel can be held liable for a slip or fall accident when a case of negligence arises, such as poor floor conditions, loose parts, and cables on the floor. They are also responsible if a liquid is spilled and has been reported, but the staff did not come to clean it at that time and even allowed hours to pass without taking care of it.

If you have an accident in a hotel and believe it was negligence, the hotel should be held responsible for the bills resulting from your injury. To obtain this compensation and file a lawsuit, you will need to prove that the hotel had a responsibility and was negligent.

The first thing to consider when suffering a heavy fall is to check for injuries; then, it is vital to ask the hotel staff to speak with the manager in charge of the hotel and collect his info. You must request the recordings of the security cameras of the place where you had the accident to have proof of negligence since in hotels, there are security systems that record 24 hours a day.

Remember to keep track of your bills and any expenses you have had to incur due to injuries sustained in the accident.

If you have suffered an accident as a hotel guest caused by staff negligence, you deserve compensation. Contact our team to find the best solution for your case together.

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