Slip and Fall accidents in California streets.

As you walk through the streets of your city, you may come across damage that can lead to accidents and result in serious injury. If the government of the area did not:

  • give adequate care to the streets
  • maintain them 
  • or place signs to alert the population of possible dangers

Then the affected person may file a lawsuit against the city or county government so that they can receive compensation for their injuries or losses.

Although these cases should be considered like any personal injury case under the law, it is a bit more complicated to sue and hold a government responsible for paying compensation or taking the blame. County governments can only be found guilty if they were negligent in causing this accident. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire a personal injury attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve and to prove that the government is indeed at fault for your slip or fall accident in a city street.

Falls or slips are commonly caused by poor curb conditions or even snow accumulation on them.

When suffering an accident in this way, you must have the relevant evidence to prove that you suffered your injuries thanks to negligent behavior. Therefore, you should take pictures of the scene, your injuries, or any other important detail as soon as possible. After you have gathered the evidence, you will have to go through a strict process to be able to sue the government of the city in which you were injured. You will need to submit documents such as a description of how the events occurred, your evidence photos, and a request for compensation in which you mention the amount you are claiming. All this in a period of no more than 30 days.

If you have suffered a slip or fall accident in your city, do not hesitate to contact the lawyers of Herrera Law to receive the legal help that your case requires and obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

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