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What to consider when suing for a dog attack?

California law protects people who are attacked by a dog because, in the state, the owners of these animals are fully responsible for their aggressive behavior. Therefore, it does not matter if the dog has shown signs of aggression in the past or not.

If a dog has attacked you on public roads or private property, the first thing you should do is receive immediate medical attention. Later, you will be able to file your claim, after which the owner must be responsible for paying for the damages caused by the bites you have suffered. He or she will also be responsible for taking the necessary measures so that such an accident does not happen again after realizing that his or her dog exhibits aggressive behaviors.

Dog breeds that are considered dangerous should also be monitored, and the owner of these dogs should take security measures to prevent future attacks. According to California law, people in charge of animal control could file a request to catalog a dog as aggressive if it has exhibited behaviors such as:

  • Attacks or bites without provocation.
  • Having injured another dog.
  • Having caused the death of another dog or a person.
  • When the owner has not taken steps to prevent attacks by an aggressive dog.

The person responsible for the dog must pay compensation to the attack victim, covering from medical expenses to therapy for the emotional trauma that the attack may have caused.

When filing a lawsuit against the animal owner that caused your injuries, you should consider that the owner could also defend himself by arguing that you provoked or trespassed on their dog’s property. However, for this reason, it will be essential to contact a lawyer to help you defend your case so that you receive what you deserve. In the same way, if you are not sure, you should consider the demand as a good choice so that the dog can be classified as dangerous and attacks are avoided in the future.

You can also contribute to the obligation that the owner will have to take measures to protect the public by preventing his or her dog from biting someone else.

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