What can I do if my pain took time to manifest itself?
September 8, 2023

What can I do if my pain took time to manifest itself?


A personal injury accident can cause not only immediate pain, but also delayed discomfort that appears weeks or even months later. This may concern you since we know you should file your claim within the time frame set forth in the California statute of limitations. If you are in this situation and wondering if you can still file a claim, the answer is yes, but there are essential steps to consider before doing so.

The process for claiming delayed injuries

You will first need to seek medical attention to ensure your well-being and establish a documented record of your injuries. It is crucial that you keep these records of your medical visits, treatments, and any medications prescribed, as this documentation will be of great help to your attorney.

It is critical to demonstrate that delayed pain or injury is directly related to the initial accident. This will only be possible with such medical records, expert testimony, and thorough documentation of your injuries and their progression.

Consult a personal injury attorney experienced in handling cases involving delayed injuries. So that he can assess your situation, provide you with legal guidance, and help you navigate the complexities of your claim.

Why is the help of a personal injury attorney critical?

On the other hand, if the responsible party’s insurance company offers a settlement, be careful. Your attorney can help you determine if this is right for you and whether it is being fair or not. If you agree to a settlement without knowing the legal details, you may lose your right to seek additional compensation, even if your injuries worsen later. Your lawyer will depend on accurate and up-to-date information to effectively develop your case.

In short, if you have experienced delayed pain or injury after a personal injury accident, you can still file a claim. Seeking medical care, documenting your condition, consulting an attorney, complying with legal limitations, proving causation, and carefully considering settlement offers are essential steps in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Delayed injuries can be complex, but with the proper documentation and legal guidance, you can seek the justice and compensation to which you are entitled. At Herrera Law, we can help. Do not hesitate to contact us.