Ways to prevent a dog attack
March 24, 2023

Ways to prevent a dog attack


Although dogs have long been an essential part of our families, there is still a risk that they will bring out their animal instincts. They generally do so in a situation in which they feel threatened or believe that they must protect their territory or their family.

Even if they are friendly and calm at home, puppies can exhibit aggressive behaviors that are in their nature.

For this reason, we believe it is important to share some tips to prevent an encounter with a dog with aggressive behavior from turning into a tragedy that leaves the victim of an attack with significant injuries.

What to do if you meet an aggressive dog?

● No intention of running
● Avoid looking the dog in the eye, as they may see this as a threat
● Stay still, and don’t try to move your arms
● Once the dog stops seeing you as a threat, he will lose interest, and you can now slowly walk away without disturbing him again

On the other hand, remember not to approach dogs you do not know and do not try to touch them without first making sure that it is not aggressive. Ask your owner before attempting to pet a dog, no matter how friendly and cute it looks.

If you own a dog that has aggressive behavior, we recommend taking the following actions to prevent your pet from attacking an innocent person:

● Always keep him on your property, and always keep him on a leash when outside.
● If you have visitors, stay in a place where the dog cannot get close.
● Take your dog to training sessions where they teach him to control such aggressive behavior.

It is vital that both you and your children know what to do if you encounter a dog and how to approach or not approach dogs you encounter while you are away from home. Unfortunately, children or older adults are the most likely to suffer an attack from an aggressive dog and also suffer serious injuries.

Even on issues like these, the education and information passed on to your young children are important to keep them safe.

In case of being attacked by a dog, the owner must be responsible for paying the damages that he has suffered. Contact our firm Herrera Law PC for more information.