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Negligence on private property.

When visiting private properties, such as the houses of family or friends, one hopes to enjoy a pleasant and stress-free time. Sadly, accidents are possible if the homeowner does not properly maintain their home or alert visitors to potential hazards. In the event of an accident, the property owner can be held responsible for any injury that one of his guests suffers due to his negligence.

There are multiple risks in a home, and these are some of the most common:

  • Glass doors: sometimes, the guests, not knowing the property, may not realize that the glass is in their way. In this case, the house owner is not responsible unless the door or glass is in a place where it should not be.
  • Pools: especially if the guests are children and the pool is not covered, or there is no adult supervision.
  • Stairs: they are a significant risk if they are not in good condition, receive no maintenance, or are poorly constructed.

Homeowners can be blamed if their negligence caused an accident not only to a guest but also to someone who was there for other reasons, work, for example. In particular cases, people who were not allowed to be on the property when they were injured can also sue. However, those who are most protected by law are ultimately the owner’s guests. Why? Because the owner has an obligation to warn about any risk, either by communicating verbally or with signs, and keeping his property in optimal condition to receive visitors without them running the risk of injury.

If you have an accident while visiting a private property, you can sue the owner to receive compensation for the expenses involved in your injury. You need to prove how the owner acted irresponsibly and that this negligent act led you to suffer an injury or trauma.

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