Los Angeles Police Chases – What are the consequences of involvement?

Say the words “police chase” and nearly anyone in the nation will conjure up an image of Southern California. The association was undoubtedly cemented by OJ Simpson’s infamous 1994 police chase, which involved a desperate athlete, a white Ford Bronco, and 20 LAPD officers. But that is far from the only police chase our city has endured. Check out this article from the LA Times to learn about nine more wild chases

Considering the notoriety of police chases in Los Angeles, it is smart for citizens of this city to understand what they might be facing. Below we outline the consequences of involvement as a driver, a passenger, a bystander, and even a police officer. 

Consequences of your involvement in a police chase:

  • Driver: Fleeing from the police is illegal. If you lead the police on a police chase, you are ensuring your arrest when you inevitably get caught. Punishment can range from a fine to jail time, depending on how dangerous the chase was. You could be charged with felony evasion.
  • Passenger: Your legal consequences, as a passenger, depend on your involvement with the driver. If you were taken against your will and cooperate with the police once you are stopped, you likely will not face legal consequences. That being said, police chases are inherently dangerous and, you may wind up injured in a car accident or by police apprehension tactics. 
  • Bystander: Police chases are dangerous and are often led by individuals who are ignoring standard law and order. If you are caught up in a police chase either as a pedestrian or in another vehicle, you are at risk of sustaining an injury in an accident.
  • Police: If you are a law enforcement officer who winds up in a police chase, you can expect a lot of paperwork following the incident. It is your responsibility to both apprehend the fleeing party, and ensure that bystanders remain safe. 

If you are involved in a police chase at any capacity and wind up sustaining an injury, call Herrera Law for help and representation. We can help you collect the damages you deserve. This is a unique and challenging situation, so don’t face it alone. Call us today for help and support. 

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