Laws for heavy truck drivers

Drivers of heavy trucks have more responsibilities than any other type of driver due to the accidents they could cause if they do not follow the laws.

The entity in charge of regulating these types of laws for the better control of these vehicles is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which aims to make the roads of the United States safer and prevent accidents.

Truck drivers must have a different driver’s license than any other driver, a commercial license.

Another of the rules on which this entity focuses deals with the hours that a driver can spend driving, which should not exceed 60 hours in a period of 7 days or 70 hours in a period of 8 consecutive days.

Another point regarding schedules refers to the breaks that must be taken after a period of time working, regardless of whether an employer wants the delivery to be faster. If an employer offers a driver overtime pay and an accident occurs, the company could be sued and held liable for damages caused by the accident.

These laws are intended to prevent drivers from driving while tired or having little sleep, which can cause them to fall asleep and cause a severe accident.

There are many reasons why the trucking company can be held liable for accidents caused by someone driving your truck, such as lack of vehicle maintenance, poor staff training, poor safety, or negligence. If so, the responsible company will be the one who must pay for any injury, loss, or accident caused by your carelessness.

Finally, transport companies are responsible for having insurance for this type of case in order to pay those affected the compensation they deserve. If they do not, and you have suffered an accident caused by a driver of a heavy-duty vehicle, the best option is to hire an attorney to file your claim. At Herrera Law, we are always ready to help with your accident compensation cases.

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