How Vehicle Size and Weight Can Affect Drivers And Passengers in the event of a Crash

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that we participate in every day. Accidents are incredibly common, with the period of time between memorial day and labor day posing the biggest threat to teen drivers. It is tragic, but collisions are just a fact of our modern life.

Considering that, everyone on the road needs to understand how likely car accidents are, and how the relative weight and size of the vehicles involved in an accident can affect the outcome. Generally speaking, larger, heavier vehicles are the best of occupant safety.

Let’s explore why.

For starters, larger vehicles mean that there is more distance between the front of a car and the passenger compartment. This means that there will be more crumple room in the event of a frontal collision. Considering that head-on collisions often lead to significant injury and even fatalities, that extra space between the bumper and the driver & front seat passenger is substantial.

The second thing to consider is the relative weight. When a heavy vehicle crashes into a lighter vehicle, the more massive vehicle will keep moving forward, pushing the lighter vehicle back. This means that less force will be applied to the people in the heavier vehicle.

So does this mean that smaller, lighter vehicles are unsafe? Not at all.

In recent years, automakers who produce SUVs and trucks have redesigned the energy-absorbing structures of these larger vehicles in a way that keeps drivers in smaller cars safer in the event of a crash. It is perfectly fine to choose a small, light vehicle over a large, heavy one, but if you do decide to drive a smaller car, it is essential to understand that there are risk factors involved when it comes to colliding with larger vehicles.

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