How to Support a Loved One Through a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury accidents are a difficult thing to endure. The victims are left weakened, both physically and emotionally. They may have to miss work and other commitments, and the process of pursuing legal action can be draining. If a loved one of yours is the victim of a personal injury accident, there are several things you can do to help lighten their load. The goal with any personal injury accident is a full recovery. Help your loved one to achieve it with these ten acts of service:

  1. Keep track of their paperwork. Medical bills, insurance, and legal documents can be overwhelming. Do your loved one a favor by organizing and keeping track of it all for them. 
  2. Accompany them to medical appointments. Medical appointments can be stressful and scary. Don’t make them face that alone. 
  3. Contact their job for them. If their injury is severe, place a call to their employer and clue them in on the situation.
  4. Ease domestic burdens. While your loved one recovers, offer to cook a meal or clean their house for them. During recovery, it is easy to let domestic chores pile up.
  5. Be patient with them. Anger and frustration are both prevalent emotions following an accident. Understand that they have to come to terms with their limitations. They may not be themselves for a while following their accident. 
  6. Arrange mental health services. If your loved one is struggling, then setting up an appointment with a mental health professional can go a long way.
  7. Attend legal meetings and take notes for them. The process of filing a lawsuit can be overwhelming, especially in the midst of recovery. Attending legal meetings as a note-taker is a great way to help your loved one stay on top of their case.
  8. Run errands for them. Heading to the grocery store or the pharmacy to pick up supplies is a great way to support someone in recovery. 
  9. Stay positive. After a traumatic event, positivity can help to lift someone out of a dark place.
  10. Contact Herrera Law for advice, support, and representation. Do not let them face their situation without legal counsel.

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