How to Stay Safe Driving this Rainy Season

Most of the time, Southern California experiences fantastic, sunny weather. Driving conditions are great and very safe for the majority of the year. However, the rainy season lasts from December to April, with February generally ringing in as the wettest month. As we enter this time of increased rainfall, it is important to exercise safe driving practices under these new conditions. Sadly, wet, slippery pavement leads to more than 1.2 million vehicle collisions every single year. 

Below are some driving tips for remaining safe in these less-than-safe conditions:

Reduce your speed and leave plenty of space: A lot of times, vehicle skids happen at high speeds, and if other cars are nearby when a vehicle goes into a skid, it can cause a pile-up accident. In order to avoid skidding while driving in the rain, we recommend that everyone on the road reduces their speed. In order to avoid involvement in someone else’s skid accident, leave plenty of room between yourself and the cars in front of you. You want to give yourself ample time to stop if a crash takes place in front of you.

Ensure that you have good visibility: Worn-out windshield wipers can not properly clear water off of your windshield, and when you are driving in the rain visibility is key. The reflection of streetlights and headlights off of the water on the road and on your windshield can impede visibility, so you will want to ensure that your windshield is as clear as it possibly can be. Check and replace your wiper blades often, and consider applying RainX to your windshield so that the water that hits your glass will bead instead of run. 

Avoid standing water: Puddles are fun for children and puppies, but they can cause skids if you are driving too fast in wet conditions. Additionally, standing water can be hiding massive potholes that can damage your vehicle’s tires and suspension. If conditions are rainy, do your best to avoid standing water while driving. 

Stay safe on the road!

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