How to handle the fallout of a drunk driving accident:

Picture this: you and your spouse are driving home from a romantic dinner on a Saturday night. It is around 10 pm, and the sky is dark. As you make your way through the city center towards home, another vehicle on the road appears to be driving erratically. They are swerving, intermittently speeding up and slowing down, and are generally exhibiting poor behavior. 

You do your best to avoid them as a defensive driving tactic, but to your horror, they do not stop at the oncoming redlight and wind up rear-ending you at high speed. You suffer a neck injury in addition to blunt force trauma from the seat belt cutting into your chest, and your spouse has similar injuries. When the driver of the offending car gets out, it is clear that they are heavily intoxicated. 

The question is, what legal recourse do you have?

It turns out you have a lot.

Driving under the influence is considered reckless and negligent behavior in every state. A blood alcohol content above 0.08% is illegal if you plan to get behind the wheel. This means that the victims in the hypothetical situation outlined above would be able to leverage a personal injury lawsuit against the drunk driver to seek compensation for their hospital bills, rehabilitation bills, missed wages, missed future wages, and pain and suffering. 

California is an at-fault state, which means that the victims can seek financial compensation once liability is proven. 

The legal team at Herrera Law has a lot of experience in handling cases like this. We have defended dozens of victims who pursued legal action against drunk drivers who injured them, and we have been awarded tens of thousands of dollars in compensation. 

Our team will help you fight for the best healthcare and recovery path for you, effectively build your case against the negligent driver, and pursue your case until you receive the compensation you deserve. 

An encounter with a drunk driver is often painful and traumatizing. The Herrera Law team can help you reclaim your life by fighting for your rights and securing financial compensation. So don’t wait. Call today to discuss the details of your case.

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