How to Adequately Document Damages Post-accident

Car accidents are a hassle, but they are incredibly common. If you travel by car as either a driver or a passenger, you are likely to experience an accident at some point in your life. Accidents are jarring and stressful, which is why it is important to understand your responsibilities ahead of time so that you do not forget something at the moment.

It is vitally important to document all damages at the scene of the accident. That way, no one can create false claims after the fact. Gathering evidence can help your insurance claim in the near future.

When it comes to documenting damages after an accident, make sure to take the following into consideration:

·      Which direction each vehicle was traveling in

·      How fast each vehicle was going (i.e. was someone exceeding the speed limit?)

·      The road and weather conditions

·      Whether or not someone was driving distractedly or if there was an external distraction (i.e. a pedestrian attempting to cross the road)

·      If there were any witnesses

Use your smartphone to take copious, time-stamped photos of the collision, including photos that show both vehicle license plates. This creates irrefutable evidence as to what actually occurred. It is also very important to gather the other driver’s name, contact information, and insurance provider. It is completely acceptable to reach out to the other driver’s insurance to let you know that you were in a vehicular accident with one of their policyholders. In fact, the insurance company will likely rely on the evidence you gather, so keep it in a safe place.

Car accidents are no fun, but by knowing how to gather the evidence you can avoid some stress when an accident actually occurs.

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