How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting Personal Injury Settlements

As we have all now experienced, the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down most non-essential activity. But while traffic has improved and car accident rates have dropped, personal injury accidents are still a reality and thousands if not millions of people have been left suffering. If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury during this pandemic, your case will be unique for several reasons. You can and should still pursue the damages that you are entitled to, but several factors will likely wind up affecting your settlement.

  1. You will be working with our legal team remotely. In the interest of safety for both our team and our clients, we have transitioned to working remotely. We can and will secure your settlement via phone call, video call, and remote consultation. 
  2. Your hearing may be delayed. Personal injury cases rarely reach trial, but preliminary hearings may still be required. If your case is considered non-essential by the court, it will likely be delayed, which will also delay your settlement. 
  3. The recession will impact what you are offered. Considering that the entire nation is struggling financially, insurance companies are more likely to lowball your settlement offer. If you are struggling financially, it may be tempting to take this low offer in order to have some money coming in. If you are in a position in which you can wait, we urge you to let us negotiate on your behalf. The money you are entitled to should not be dependent on the state of the economy. You are entitled to a settlement that is proportional to your suffering. Plain and simple. 

Unfortunately, this crisis may mean you have a harder hill to climb regarding your personal injury settlement, but do not panic, because the Herrera legal team is on your side. We will fight even harder to secure the damages that you deserve, regardless of what is happening with the pandemic. With us on your team, you can feel confident that we are negotiating for the maximum damage you are entitled to. So don’t wait. Call today, and we can start working your case right away.

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