How emerging technology will affect personal injury law

We all lean on incredible pieces of technology every single day. Technology is fully integrated into our daily lives, from a laptop computer to a smartphone and GPS. Innovators are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. New, live-changing technologies are frequently right around the corner. 

We have already seen technology have a significant impact on personal injury law. Cameras at intersections help establish liability; texting and driving cause traffic accidents; distractions caused by personal devices lead to dangerous conditions every day. At Herrera Law, we are always looking to the future to anticipate what types of cases we are likely to handle in the future. 

Here are three pieces of technology that are likely to impact personal injury law:

  1. Self-driving cars. In a traditional car accident, liability sits with the driver. At the end of the day, the driver is responsible for what they do with the vehicle. The future of self-driving cars disrupts that assumption. Liability may soon sit with the car’s manufacturer or with the engineers that programmed its behavior. Self-driving accidents are inevitable, and the personal injury lawsuits that follow will be unlike any we have seen before. 
  2. AI in medicine. AI (artificial intelligence) is a technology that can parse information and apply knowledge. In medicine today, we rely on humans to interpret machine outputs and make decisions. Soon, machines will be making care decisions. If and when something goes wrong, the personal injury case that follows will represent a new type of malpractice.
  3. Virtual Reality. Already, the majority of the population is tied to their smartphones. Virtual Reality will have the added element of blocking out external stimuli completely. Accidents are bound to happen, and when they do, personal injury lawsuits will follow. Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents are likely to change following the wide-spread implementation of Virtual Reality. The definition of “known hazards” is expected to expand. 

When emerging technologies become a part of everyday life, the legal team at Herrera Law will be ready to handle any and every injury they cause. Reach out to our law firm with any questions you may have about technology-related injuries. We are here for you.

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