Herrera Law PC attends Huntington Park HS Career Fair

Hunting Park High School’s Career Fair

Leo Herrera, of Herrera Law PC, attended Hunting Park High School’s Career Fair yesterday.  A colleague and friend, Jesse Arana, invited Mr. Herrera to attend the career fair, which also featured tables by veterinarians, insurance agents, armed service personnel, colleges, and many others.

The Path to Becoming a Lawyer

Mr. Arana and Mr. Herrera spoke to these young adults about the path to becoming a lawyer, focusing on college, LSAT preparation, law school application, and CA Bar prep.  

The most common question was: how long does it take to become a lawyer?

Typically it takes about 3 years. Mr. Herrera stressed reducing debt in the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree and highlighted the value of 2nd and 3rd tier colleges an universities.  

Inspiring LA’s Youth

Mr. Herrera is deeply committed to inspiring LA’s youth to pursue higher education and obtaining professional positions in the community.  Mr. Herrera’s passion stems from the benefits conferred to him by those that gave their time at the schools, youth centers, and sports activities that he was a part of, which kept him on the path to higher education.

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