Don’t Delay Your Personal Injury Case Because of the Coronavirus

Governor Newsom recently ordered a lockdown for our state’s more than 40 million residents. This drastic action is intended to quell the spread of COVID-19, which is more commonly known as the Coronavirus. COVID-19 is a novel virus among humans, which means our bodies have never seen it before and therefore we have no antibodies in place to protect ourselves from catching it.

The illness itself causes a fever, a cough, and respiratory distress which can and has led to many deaths. Right now, everything non-essential is completely shut down. You cannot go shopping for clothes, attend a show in a theatre, or host a large gathering of any kind. This has led to many personal injury victims assuming that their legal case has also been delayed.

This is not true.

While it is true that court closures and other shut-downs may slow the progression of your case, the case itself can move forward remotely during this lock down. Remote work is possible during the personal injury case process. Things like the discovery process, mediations, and arbitrations can happen remotely, and paperless infrastructure means that you can email vital documents and reports directly to your legal team.

We understand that the complications from personal injuries did not go on pause during this lock down. You may be in pain, out of work, and depending on compensation in order to move forward. We pledge to do everything we can for our personal injury clients during this challenging time. We are dedicated to thinking creatively, working remotely, and moving things forward as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can.

We are also equipped to take on clients whose existing legal teams are not set up for paperless or remote work. You can trust us to pick up your case right where it was left, and to help you carry it across the finish line.

This COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry. As a society and community, it is our obligation to come together to ensure that the things that absolutely need to happen can still happen. We believe that your personal injury case needs to move forward, and we will do everything we can to make your resolution our reality.

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