Commercial Truck Driver Safety Hazards and Tips

Commercial truck driving can be very dangerous. If you work as a commercial truck driver, it is vitally important to take active steps to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Here are the three largest hazards that commercial truck drivers face:

·      Vehicular accidents. Driving is dangerous. Spending so much time on the road only increases the likelihood of an accident.

·      Ergonomic/Lifestyle-related diseases and injuries. Commercial truck drivers spend a lot of time sitting in one position. Add to that the lack of exercise and the limited availability of healthy food options on the road, and you have a recipe for a variety of diseases, conditions, and injuries.

·      Equipment-related injuries. Whether it is the material a truck driver is shipping or the truck itself, the equipment can lead to many different types of injuries.

Here are some tips for avoiding these hazards:

·      Pay attention to the conditions of the road/obey all traffic laws. Wearing a seatbelt, avoiding using a cell phone while driving, and obeying all traffic laws (including the speed limit) can all help prevent vehicular accidents.

·      Plan for your trip. This may mean taking regular stretch/exercise breaks or packing your own food from home.

·      Take safety measures seriously. Know how to handle the cargo you are shipping, and always maintain your vehicle.

The best way to prevent workplace injury is to know what to avoid. For commercial truckers, that means keeping themselves healthy and their equipment well maintained. A failure to do so can result in significant personal injury.

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