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Claim after an accident at a government property

Having an injury from an accident in a government building can bring unexpected expenses, as well as the question of who will be responsible for covering them.

Filing a claim for an accident on government property can be a complicated process, as you will need to follow strict steps to file your claim. This is because any government entity or government-related entity has a different type of immunity from others; it allows them not to be sued so easily and by anyone.

It is important to consider that before suing a government entity; you should, first of all, send a notice to “advise” that you will be filing a personal injury claim. The intent of filing this notice is to allow the government to respond to your request in the best possible way, without the need for the case to go to a lawsuit. This prior notice to the government must be presented within a specified time period after the accident occurred for it to be valid. After you have sent the notification to the appropriate government entity, if the entity agrees that the claim is filed, you should begin by presenting the necessary evidence.

At the time that the accident occurs, you should consider the importance of collecting evidence. Take pictures of your injuries, the negligence that caused the accident, keep your medical bills, etc.

After proving that the government was negligent in causing you an accident that resulted in injuries, it will be up to the government to decide whether a lawsuit is reached or if steps are taken to remedy the error. However, having proven its responsibility, the government must comply with the payment of the corresponding compensation for the expenses arising from the accident.

We recommend that you contact a personal injury attorney in this type of incident. Being an expert on the subject, the lawyer will guide you in processes as complex as managing to file a claim against a government entity.

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