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California strict liability law

The Strict Liability Law in California was created to make the compensation claim process easier for some personal injury cases in the state. Its main purpose is the protection of consumers and people who were undoubtedly exposed to dangers thanks to those responsible for a product. This law includes situations that tend to encompass cases of injury due to defective products because of poor design, lack of warnings that there was a danger in operating the product, or an error in the product’s manufacture. However, the same law may apply to other personal injury cases such as dangerous animal attacks or hazardous activities such as handling explosives or chemicals that can pose health problems.

When suffering an accident that has caused you damage, you will have the right to file a lawsuit against whoever was responsible in order to obtain the compensation you require, even without presenting a large amount of evidence thanks to the provisions of this law. This will make it easier for you and your attorney to get what you deserve for your damages with the ease of just proving some aspects of your accident rather than having to collect specific evidence that is often difficult to come by.

This may be possible, and the law may apply, if the person who suffered the damage shows that the product contained aspects that made it very dangerous or if the person was injured either by a product, hazardous substance, or an aggressive animal and that they suffered substantial damage thanks to this.

In this way, the court can determine that the person responsible for the attack, your exposure to a dangerous activity, or the product with defects (be it the manufacturer, designer, or seller) must pay compensation for the damages suffered, such as medical bills, lost wages, emotional damage, among others. It does not matter if a negligent act caused the accident or not; it simply matters that a person was injured and that they must now pay for this carelessness.

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