Validate the emotional damage
January 20, 2023

Validate the emotional damage


The emotional wounds that an accident that has been traumatic for the victim can leave are also entitled to be compensated because the damage of this type can affect the person’s life just like any other injury.

For example, post-traumatic stress syndrome, extreme anxiety, or severe depression can cause a person to lose their job. They can isolate themselves, stop living their lifestyle as they did before the accident, and lose interest in what they used to like, among other consequences that usually occur when also suffering physical injuries.

In order to prove that you or a loved one has suffered emotional damage that requires compensation from the guilty party, you must present some documents that your personal injury lawyer requests to have more evidence supporting the case to obtain the most outstanding compensation possible.

Among these documents, your attorney may request the following:

● Medical prescriptions from a psychiatrist
● Bills for medicines or payments to psychologists who have treated you
● Writings in your journal that document how you have felt
● Written testimonials from family members or close people who have seen their mental health decline after the accident.
● Proof that you have been fired by your employer, such as a letter, as well as lost wages for not being able to show up for work, proving it with pay stubs or other documents issued by the company where you work.

With this evidence, your lawyer will be able to fight to get the money you have lost due to your emotional state and lost wages because you did not feel well enough to go to work or lost your job because of it.

Post-traumatic stress syndrome can bring consequences that affect both you and your family members due to its symptoms. It harms you and others by causing intense fear, anxiety, panic attacks, severe depression, and even hurting yourself.

Remember that you are not alone and can seek the help you need and recover compensation for it without fearing that you will be left with nothing to treat your mental condition. We can help you get the compensation you deserve and will walk you through every step of the legal process. Contact Us.