The 5 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in California
July 8, 2022

The 5 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in California


Thanks to the increase in recent years in the use of bicycles to transport to daily activities, as well as for fun and exercise, some California cities have decided to improve their infrastructure so that cyclists can ride the streets without so many risks. . This has also meant an improvement in the culture of the driver who respects cyclists more, as well as an increase in safety that can be enjoyed in large cities.

In addition, those of us who live in California are lucky to have such beautiful cities and incredible landscapes to explore everything by bicycle. For this and many more reasons, we have decided to share with you the list of the 5 friendliest cities for cyclists in our beautiful state.

  1. San Francisco: The city has invested millions in infrastructure improvements for cyclists and plans to continue to do so in the future so that the culture of cycling continues to grow. In addition, their communities have become more aware and friendly with those who decide to ride a bicycle, whether they are residents or tourists enjoying city tours.
  2. Oakland: Over the last few years the state government has been increasing the number of bike lanes around the city and intends to continue to do so little by little. This has made it easier and safer to enjoy walks to enjoy the views of its bay.
  3. Long Beach: This city has a “Master Plan” to increase the safety of bike lanes in the coming years in addition to increasing their existence. In addition, the routes and views offered by its streets are unmatched.
  4. Sacramento: It is one of the cities that has made the most progress in terms of the culture that it tries to implement in its community for the acceptance and care of cycling and those who practice it. It has friendly programs for those who want to investigate this activity to tour the city.
  5. San Diego: The good climate of the city makes it perfect for residents to cycle through its streets and especially for tourists to get to know it in a different way. That’s why the San Diego government has spent millions adding safe bike lanes and the changes can be seen every day.

Whichever city you prefer to enjoy a bike ride, remember to take the necessary precautions. Happy bike ride!