Suing the city
September 2, 2022

Suing the city


Suing someone for having suffered a personal injury at your fault is the right of all California citizens, however, when it comes to the government there are certain rules that must be followed in order to sue the state and receive compensation from your part.

Our first advice is that after having suffered a personal injury accident in an office, area or establishment that belongs to the government, such as: offices, trucks, streets, among others, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, since that they have the knowledge about this lawsuit process against the city and can guide you better.

Normally, when you want to sue a person or organization to pay your compensation, you can do so without any problem within the first two years after your accident. But, when it comes to the federal, state or city government, things change.

This is because the government enjoys a type of “immunity” from citizen lawsuits, so before starting a claim, you must send them a notice within the first 6 months after your accident informing them that you intend to claim. and explaining why you want to do it. In this way, the government of the place that you want to pay, can be informed, prepared and can authorize you to start the claim process to take the necessary precautions in the place where your accident occurred and prevent another one from happening. For this notice, you must approach the corresponding authority and fill out a form that they already have pre-prepared.

Subsequently, you will receive a response authorizing or not your claim and the payment of your compensation. But, if not, then you could take your case to court with the help of your attorney to sue and determine the amount you should be paid if you win your case for all the losses you sustained after the accident.

Remember that our attorney Leo Herrera is always ready to help in your personal injury cases and will help you navigate complex processes such as a government lawsuit, clarifying your doubts and trying to obtain the best results.