Myths About Personal Injury Claims
August 8, 2022

Myths About Personal Injury Claims


After suffering a personal injury accident that has left you with various physical and emotional personal and property damages, you will naturally want to pursue a claim for such damages if the person at fault refuses to pay your compensation. And while these cases are often easy to handle legally speaking, there may be a lot of doubt on your part and you may even believe the myths you hear about personal injury cases. That is why having the support of a lawyer specialized in these cases can be of great help to resolve doubts and guide you throughout the legal process.

In today’s blog, Herrera Law PC wants to help you debunk those myths so you can have a clearer view of personal injury claims.

  1. “If my injuries are not so serious, I will not be able to claim anything”: You can claim no matter how small your injuries are, since they will still require medical attention and medications to reduce inflammation, cure, etc. which deserve to be paid by the guilty.
  2. “It’s not worth filing because my case will take years”: Although it takes a lot of paperwork and paperwork, with the help of an attorney and the cooperation of both parties, your case can be resolved in a few months.
  3. “Claiming will be very expensive, I can’t afford it”: After an accident, you should approach your insurer to discuss paying the attorney who will handle your case.
  4. “I can take as long as you want to claim”: There are legal times to be able to claim your case, so taking a long time is not the most appropriate.
  5. “I may not be paid more than what I was already offered”: If the guilty party offers little, by claiming you could get what you really deserve.

Remember that with the help of a personal injury lawyer who fights for your case, you can have a successful case in which you receive the amount you deserve for all your damages, do not be fooled by these myths and approach a professional in the subject before accepting less than his fair share. We can help.