Lost wages due to an accident
November 1, 2022

Lost wages due to an accident


After suffering an accident it is common for some people who have suffered injuries to be unable to work or continue their activities while the recovery time passes. This is likely to result in them not receiving the wages they are likely to be receiving on a regular basis while disabled.

We know that this can represent a problem for those who live day to day and need their salary to survive and support their family. For this reason, we explain how you can recover the wages you have lost due to an accident so that the person responsible can also pay them.

The good news is that when you make a personal injury claim after being the victim of any type of slip and fall or transportation accident, you also have the right to include in the amount you claim any wages you lost because of the accident. the injuries that this has caused you and you could also claim those wages that you will continue to lose due to your disability and even that money that you will not be able to earn once you recover from the ravages caused by the injuries.

The best way to recover that lost money and prove that you have been losing it, is to prove with your last pay stubs what you should be earning and that you have not received because of your injury. In this way, your lawyer will be able to verify that you should receive the amount lost within what the person at fault for the accident will pay you as compensation.
On the other hand, proving that you can no longer work or that you will not be able to earn what you would have achieved without having had the accident may be more complicated since you must prove that you had to perform other tasks before being injured and you may even have to get Witnesses who state that you would have been able to work for them but for the accident, which will cause you to have to earn less money or lose all your wages.

Our recommendation is to have the help of a personal injury lawyer in these cases so that you can recover everything that you have been losing since the accident as well as what you will not be able to continue winning and in this way, you can recover what really belongs to you. . Attorney Leo Herrera is ready to fight for your rights and help you get your money back.