Losses originating from an accident
June 18, 2022

Losses originating from an accident


Accidents you have been involved in that have caused personal injury definitely leave more than a bad memory. Many times, there are complicated situations resulting from these accidents, especially if your injuries make it impossible for you to resolve medical and legal matters. Additionally, these situations can represent great changes or adjustments in our lives that can generate emotional damage.

Fortunately, these losses can be recovered to some extent through the compensation you deserve as the accident victim. The person who has been responsible for the accident, or their insurance company, must be accountable for all damages and losses related to it. 

Mainly, there are damages to your health or physical integrity, which can represent the loss of money by having to pay in the first instance for your treatment, hospitalization, and medications, among others. Additionally, if your injuries make it impossible for you to move and work, you could also lose wages and other income.

Within other types of losses, we can also talk about those that are material, such as your car, motorcycle, or other vehicles. A loss of this type will prevent you from moving as you used to and can bring additional expenses such as taxis or public transport payments. All this while waiting to receive your compensation payment to replace or repair your vehicle. Finally, we could also talk about the most unfortunate and painful type of loss, which could be the loss of a loved one due to the accident.

Whatever type of loss you experience, we know it can be difficult and painful. You may even feel confused and not know how to act in this situation. However, you should know that a personal injury attorney like Mr. Herrera can accompany you and help you through the legal process. You can get the most compensation possible for your losses with the right legal support. Our team will be here for you, always working empathetically, professionally, and efficiently.