I am partially responsible for the accident. What should I do?
June 5, 2022

I am partially responsible for the accident. What should I do?


Being involved in an accident where only one party was at fault is much easier to resolve. This is because it can be quickly determined who should pay compensation. However, when both parties are somewhat at fault, the situation becomes more complicated and confusing, as questions can arise, such as who will pay compensation for the damages? If I was negligent, I could no longer receive anything?

The short answer is that you can receive a portion of the compensation by proving that the other driver was partially at fault. This applies to living in the state of California, as other states may have different laws regarding shared fault accidents. In California, the doctrine of shared responsibility applies, in which more than one person or entity may have legal responsibility for the damages caused in an accident.

Because of this, no matter how much at fault, you were in an accident, you can receive partial compensation. For example, an accident in which one of the vehicles ran a stop sign, but the other was driving at high speed becomes a case in which both share the fault since the accident turned out to be more serious due to both negligent acts.

In cases like these, it is best to have the help of a legal expert who can answer your questions so that you are not 100% responsible for an accident in which there may be more than one person responsible. We know that the expenses can amount to very high amounts in cases where significant injuries are suffered. Therefore, recovering even a small part of the expenses resulting from the accident will greatly help you.

Never write off a case without first consulting a trusted attorney. Remember that in California, it will be possible to obtain compensation in most cases by proving the fault of the other person involved.