How does alcohol affect the ability to drive?
October 14, 2022

How does alcohol affect the ability to drive?


Alcohol and some drugs are one of the leading causes of fatal human-caused car accidents worldwide. Drinking alcohol can significantly affect your ability to drive, no matter how little you’ve had to drink.

The ways in which alcohol affects can include:

  • Your ability to make good judgment about situations as it might be in this case, deciding to drive despite having been drinking and believing that there will be no risk.
  • Your reflexes are also immediately affected so when you run into an obstacle, your reaction may not be the same as it would have been if your reflexes had been working at 100%.
  • Having drunk a little more, your vision will begin to be affected as well, so it may be that you begin to see blurry and this can cause you to not notice the presence or proximity of other cars or objects on the streets.
  • As his reflexes are affected, the time in which he can react to dangerous situations will also be longer, which will not allow him to act quickly if he needs to.
  • Your ability to drive as you normally would will also change. So you could drive through places you shouldn’t, not see traffic signs, not hold the steering wheel as you should, among others.

If you or someone close to you has been drinking, we recommend not allowing them to drive even if they say that everything will be fine, it is better to prevent and avoid a tragedy that can even involve other people in an accident, so take the keys and ask for a taxi or rideshare company to take you home or to your destination, it’s better than letting you leave in bad conditions.

Remember that even one alcoholic beverage may impair the driving skills a person may normally have to properly drive a vehicle.

Being involved in an accident with a person who was driving under the influence of alcohol also makes you worthy of compensation regardless of whether you claim that you were unwell. By having proof that he was driving under these conditions, a personal injury attorney can help you win the compensation you deserve. Feel free to contact our team at Herrera Law.