Common accidents at Christmas time
December 9, 2022

Common accidents at Christmas time


As the Christmas season arrives, so does the excitement of the holidays, posadas, Christmas decorations and gift shopping for our loved ones. Unfortunately with this also come the risks of suffering accidents in any of these places. We share with you the most common types of accidents these times, as well as in winter so that you take your precautions when carrying out any of these activities.

It is believed that the most common accidents around the Christmas holidays can only be car accidents, however there are also others that tend to happen frequently. The most common during December and January to suffer accidents in:

Falls while putting up Christmas decorations: While you are decorating your home on high surfaces it may happen that you fall from the stairs or slip on uneven surfaces.

  • Slip and falls in department stores or malls: When doing Christmas shopping for gifts, some stores commit negligent acts such as not providing proper maintenance or cleaning, which causes their customers to suffer from slips and falls by not being warned of the risks .
  • Careless driving crashes: As we mentioned before, car accidents occur due to careless driving under the influence of alcohol, high speed, or distractions with family and friends.
  • Slips and falls in hotels or meeting rooms: When holding parties in other establishments that you do not know, accidents can also occur that injure the people who attend them after their managers acted negligently by not maintaining safe conditions, obstacles in their hallways, among others.

Remember that being the victim of any of these accidents and in which you consider that it was the fault of another person, you will be able to recover compensation for the damages that this has caused you since, by acting negligently in any of the previous situations , it should be a reason for the person responsible to pay for your compensation.

After having had an accident and having received the medical attention you require, you can start your legal claim with the help of a lawyer specialized in this area in order to recover what you have had to spend this season due to your accident. Our personal injury attorney, Leo Herrera, is ready to fight with you for the justice you deserve no matter who caused your accident.

We remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself and taking extreme precautions during this festive season to avoid any accident.