The most dangerous roads in California
November 11, 2022

The most dangerous roads in California


Dangerous roads can be found anywhere in the country and even the world, but in some states like California, it can become specifically more difficult to navigate these streets, highways or state roads due to the large flow of vehicles that travel them daily and that the state and activities require it.

Some of the most common dangers that the highways on which most accidents occur in our state have are lack of maintenance, excess traffic, poor design or not being updated for the vehicular load they are presenting. In our blog today we present some of the most dangerous in California so you can try to avoid them, and if not possible, at least you can drive with greater caution.

  1. Highway 99: It is considered the most dangerous highway not only in California, but also in the entire country due to the large number of accidents that occur.
    The most common cause of fatal accidents is poor visibility at night due to lack of lighting, in addition to the high speed at which those who travel this highway drive.
  2. Interstate 5: Also considered one of the most dangerous in the entire country. This road is especially dangerous due to the large amount of traffic that travels on it and the heavy-duty vehicles that must cross it.
  3. State Route 138: Because it goes through several mountainous parts, it is very dangerous especially in the section of San Bernardino and Los Angeles since there are many long curves and dangerous turns.
  4. Interstate 10: Being one of the busiest for practically crossing the country from east to west, this highway has many accidents thanks to heavy traffic and its poor conditions.
  5. Interstate 505: A rural road that is not in the best conditions and where the traffic of heavy vehicles and the lack of police monitoring the speed limit, causes more accidents than it should.
    These are just some of the riskiest roads in the state and the country, so we remind you of the importance of driving carefully so that you arrive safely at your destination if you have to travel them.