Negligence on private property.

When visiting private properties, such as the houses of family or friends, one hopes to enjoy a pleasant and stress-free time. Sadly, accidents are possible if the homeowner does not properly maintain their home or alert visitors to potential hazards. In the event of an accident, the property owner can be held responsible for any

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Product Liability

It is possible that you buy or consume a product and that it has a defect that, in most cases, you ignore without making a claim. However, some other products have significant flaws that can lead to injury. It is then that a personal injury lawsuit could be filed, and the person responsible could be

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Slip and fall at a hotel.

Slip and fall accidents are widespread and can happen anywhere, anytime, including while on vacation. The most frequent accidents in a hotel occur around swimming pools due to the high likelihood of puddles of water or wet floors when people leave the pools without drying correctly. Another common occurrence is to fall in restaurants, where

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Pedestrian Accident Compensation

As a method of exercise, walking can be very beneficial for your health, and it is also an excellent option as a means of transport if you want to take care of the environment. However, it must be considered that as pedestrians, there are also specific rules to follow when on the street. We must

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