What are my rights after an injury caused by a defective product?

When buying a new product, we hope it is just what we need without presenting problems or defects. Unfortunately, however, on some occasions, these do fail, even causing accidents. These accidents, in turn, can cause injury to the person who was using the new product at the time, resulting in medical or property expenses. Within

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What to consider when suing for a dog attack?

California law protects people who are attacked by a dog because, in the state, the owners of these animals are fully responsible for their aggressive behavior. Therefore, it does not matter if the dog has shown signs of aggression in the past or not. If a dog has attacked you on public roads or private

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Types of injuries at swimming pools

In the summer season, the pools are one of the busiest places, especially in our state, due to the high temperatures in recent months. However, they also represent a danger for those who use them if they do not take the corresponding precautions. Every year thousands of accidents happen in both public and private swimming

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How to file a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim can provide compensation for financial losses or emotional problems that have arisen from an accident or injury caused by the negligence of a person or the person in charge of the premises where you suffered such harm. These injuries can include slip and falls, traffic accidents, defective products, and more. When

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