Best Practices When Reporting Your Accident to Your Insurance Company

Accidents are incredibly stressful experiences. Whether you have suffered an automobile accident, a slip & fall accident, or a pedestrian accident, you are often facing property damage and personal injury. Once you have ensured safety and sought medical attention for pressing issues, your next step should be reporting your accident to your insurance company. This is the step that gives many people pause.

The thought of increased premiums and acres of red tape often makes people question whether or not they even want to report an accident. At our law firm, we believe that preparation dessauges fear, which is why we have put together a best practices guide for reporting your accident to your insurance company. If you have a plan and understand what steps will be involved, the entire process becomes a lot less scary.

Best Practices for Reporting An Accident to Your Insurance:

Decide what will precipitate a report to your insurance company. Generally speaking, automobile accidents that lead to injury, or accidents that led to injury while someone was on your property should be reported.

Also, if you believe that someone will file a claim against you, it is best to reach out to your insurance company first.
Report in a timely manner. Within 72 hours of the accident should be fine.

Have your information ready. The insurance adjuster will be asking for details, so have everything prepared before you make the call. This way things will go more smoothly.

Keep record of who you speak to and when. It is always good practice to keep insurance companies accountable by keeping your own records.

Cooperate with the insurance company’s investigation. This may include a property inspection or a medical record review.

If you understand the process involved in filing a claim, and can be prepared with information, then filing a claim post-accident should not be difficult. If the thought of dealing with insurance companies still gives you anxiety, then call us for help and assistance.

We are happy to interface with insurance companies and are well-versed in the claim filing process. Remember, you do not have to handle this alone. We are here to help.

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