The risks of defective auto parts
August 11, 2023

The risks of defective auto parts


When you buy a new vehicle, you take to the streets and highways with the confidence that it will work properly. However, there are situations where these present defects in some auto parts due to the negligence of one of the people or companies in the production or distribution chain. These seemingly minor defects can snowball with catastrophic consequences, endangering lives by causing severe accidents.

Auto parts that turn out to be defective commonly cover a broad spectrum: brakes, airbags, steering mechanisms, tires, and electronic systems. These parts fail due to manufacturing mishaps, faulty design, or inadequate testing. When these glitches rear their ugly heads:

-Steering mechanisms: These can take control out of your hands, making it difficult to drive the car, and can end in an accident.

-Brakes: Defective brakes can cause you to not be able to stop at the right time and crash into other cars or objects in your path without having control over it.

-Airbags: Malfunctioning airbags can remain inactive during a collision or deploy without provocation, causing harm rather than protection.

-Electronic system: They can cause abrupt engine shutdowns, loss of power steering, or sudden increases in acceleration.

-Tyres: They are susceptible to punctures at high speeds or failure, which can result in loss of control and possible rollovers.

In these cases, those responsible for the defect that caused your accident, regardless of whether they are the producer, designer, or distributor of each auto part or the complete auto, must pay for the compensation that corresponds to them for all the damages caused.

Some ways you can protect yourself from these types of accidents include regular car maintenance. You should also pay attention to lights or signs that are intended to warn that there is something wrong with the car or check the car in detail before buying it.

If there is even a slight suspicion that a part in your new or recently purchased vehicle is defective, report it to the manufacturer and stop using it until this detail has been fixed.

Remember that if someone was negligent, you can claim to receive what corresponds to you. Do not forget to gather evidence that can be used for your case and request the support of a personal injury lawyer to guide you during your process.