Technological advances and their impact on the increase in accidents
May 12, 2023

Technological advances and their impact on the increase in accidents


During the last few years, we have witnessed new technological advances that promise to improve the safety, handling, and autonomy of a car. However, these new technologies that have come with the promise of revolutionizing the experience of driving a vehicle are also bringing with them some challenges that were not expected. One of these is the increase in traffic accidents that have been seen in recent years in which these new technologies have entered the automotive market.

Unfortunately, at the same time that these advances are coming to create a better driver experience, advances have also been made in devices that we use every day, such as computers, smartphones, audio devices, and tablets, among others. This is one of the main causes of the increase in accidents because they cause distractions for drivers.

Therefore, the manufacturers of new technologies have had to create ideas or implement systems that help prevent accidents while a driver is distracted by reading his messages or checking his social networks. One of these may be the famous emergency brake, which allows drivers to activate it sooner after encountering an obstacle in the road while their attention is focused on a distractor.

However, a technology that can reduce the number of car or traffic accidents, in general, has not yet been found because some failures still occur or the systems fail to identify some dangers around the car. This, plus the risk that new technological distractions entail, can lead to an increase in accidents instead of reducing them. Why?

Because they are still in the testing or improvement process, new autonomous vehicles or vehicles with new functions may be causing more accidents than they are preventing. For this reason, our recommendation continues to be to always pay attention behind the wheel, regardless of the type of technology your car has. There is still no better solution than the undivided attention of a human being who can recognize threats or risks as soon as they are in front of him and act immediately to avoid them.

Remember that no matter how many advances there are, it is always best to be aware of the road, wear your seat belt, and avoid putting yourself and your passengers at risk of an accident.