Lost wages due to an accident

After suffering an accident it is common for some people who have suffered injuries to be unable to work or continue their activities while the recovery time passes. This is likely to result in them not receiving the wages they are likely to be receiving on a regular basis while disabled. We know that this […]

How does alcohol affect the ability to drive?

Alcohol and some drugs are one of the leading causes of fatal human-caused car accidents worldwide. Drinking alcohol can significantly affect your ability to drive, no matter how little you’ve had to drink. The ways in which alcohol affects can include: Your ability to make good judgment about situations as it might be in this […]

What to do if I was attacked by a dog?

Due to the large number of dogs in Los Angeles, it is important that citizens know their rights and what to do in the event of an attack by one of these animals. Although they are our companions and pets, these sweet creatures can sometimes exhibit aggressive behavior, so taking precautions and knowing this information […]

Suing the city

Suing someone for having suffered a personal injury at your fault is the right of all California citizens, however, when it comes to the government there are certain rules that must be followed in order to sue the state and receive compensation from your part. Our first advice is that after having suffered a personal […]

Permanent Injuries

Car accidents can vary in severity depending on several factors. However, being involved in one that has caused you permanent injuries no matter how bad the crash was, both your physical and emotional health can be seriously affected. Permanent injuries often cause problems and financial losses that you did not expect. Suffering from serious injuries […]

Myths About Personal Injury Claims

After suffering a personal injury accident that has left you with various physical and emotional personal and property damages, you will naturally want to pursue a claim for such damages if the person at fault refuses to pay your compensation. And while these cases are often easy to handle legally speaking, there may be a […]

Rideshare Driver Liability

Car trips from ride-sharing companies such as Uber or Lyft have increased thanks to the ease they offer both for drivers who are considered independent workers and for users who can request the service they want through applications on their cell phones. and have a car with a driver available to them in just a […]

The 5 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in California

Thanks to the increase in recent years in the use of bicycles to transport to daily activities, as well as for fun and exercise, some California cities have decided to improve their infrastructure so that cyclists can ride the streets without so many risks. . This has also meant an improvement in the culture of […]

Avoid Doing This When Making a Personal Injury Claim

When you have an accident of any kind that causes personal injury, in which someone else was at fault, you will have the right to receive compensation for those damages caused by the negligent actions of the person who caused the accident. You can legally claim this compensation if the insurer or the guilty party […]

Losses originating from an accident

Accidents you have been involved in that have caused personal injury definitely leave more than a bad memory. Many times, there are complicated situations resulting from these accidents, especially if your injuries make it impossible for you to resolve medical and legal matters. Additionally, these situations can represent great changes or adjustments in our lives […]