What happens if a victim loses their life after filing their claim?

When the victim of a personal injury accident dies after having filed a claim, it can be difficult to think about what will happen to the legal case and the compensation deserved to get justice for the case. Here, we tell you what some of the complexities of these types of cases are and what […]

Precautions that older adults should take while driving

Generally, as the years go by, staying safe while driving independently becomes more critical as your senses or those of an elderly loved one may no longer be the same. However, by following some of the tips we want to provide to help our older population maintain their confidence behind the wheel, you will be […]

Material losses that you can include in your claim

In addition to physical and emotional injuries, a personal injury accident can result in significant property losses. In these cases, you should remember that when filing your claim, you can include these types of damages to receive the compensation you deserve. Within the category of property damage, you could include: 1. Medical expenses: Includes all […]

What can I do if my pain took time to manifest itself?

A personal injury accident can cause not only immediate pain, but also delayed discomfort that appears weeks or even months later. This may concern you since we know you should file your claim within the time frame set forth in the California statute of limitations. If you are in this situation and wondering if you […]

The risks of defective auto parts

When you buy a new vehicle, you take to the streets and highways with the confidence that it will work properly. However, there are situations where these present defects in some auto parts due to the negligence of one of the people or companies in the production or distribution chain. These seemingly minor defects can […]

What is included in personal injury laws?

Personal injury laws serve as a means of protection for people who have suffered harm due to the actions or negligence of others. These laws encompass a set of provisions that aim to protect victims and ensure that they receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Some of the most important, which serve to meet this […]

How much can I get from my dog attack compensation?

Being attacked by a dog can be a traumatic and painful experience. Fortunately, in California, the law offers dog attack victims protection, allowing them to seek compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial damage the attack caused them. If you or a loved one have been the victim of an aggressive dog in California, it […]

The importance of airbags

Airbags are a fundamental component of car safety systems as they offer much more comprehensive protection during accidents. These help minimize the injuries that can result from a car accident and can even save lives in the event of one. We kindly invite you to continue reading to learn more about its operation and importance. […]

What are punitive damages?

When claiming compensation for personal injuries after having suffered an accident, it is possible to claim damages of different types. Among them, we can find punitive damages, which we will explain briefly so that you can better understand this concept and in what circumstances it is possible to enter them into your claim. Punitive damages […]

Habits that can put you at risk

Every day we carry out activities in which we can put ourselves in danger without even realizing it. Unfortunately, certain habits we have while performing these activities can put us in danger of suffering a personal injury accident if we do not pay attention to them. For this reason, in this blog, we bring you […]