Habits that can put you at risk

Every day we carry out activities in which we can put ourselves in danger without even realizing it. Unfortunately, certain habits we have while performing these activities can put us in danger of suffering a personal injury accident if we do not pay attention to them. For this reason, in this blog, we bring you […]

Technological advances and their impact on the increase in accidents

During the last few years, we have witnessed new technological advances that promise to improve the safety, handling, and autonomy of a car. However, these new technologies that have come with the promise of revolutionizing the experience of driving a vehicle are also bringing with them some challenges that were not expected. One of these […]

Importance of maintaining heavy duty trucks

Thanks to heavy-duty trucks, we can receive the products we consume on a daily basis in our homes. Therefore we know that these are essential for the proper functioning of our system and the good supply of products for large cities. However, that is why they need to receive appropriate maintenance when traveling so many […]

Prevention of car accidents

Although driving is such an obvious activity that we do every day, it is vital to consider some tips that could help you prevent accidents while driving through the streets of the city. Small actions like the ones we are presenting to you today can help you get home safely. You just have to start […]

Ways to prevent a dog attack

Although dogs have long been an essential part of our families, there is still a risk that they will bring out their animal instincts. They generally do so in a situation in which they feel threatened or believe that they must protect their territory or their family. Even if they are friendly and calm at […]

Types of damages you can include in your claim

A personal injury accident can leave behind damage and injuries that affect your life temporarily or permanently. These types of accidents in which a claim could be filed include, among others: ● Car accidents● Pedestrian accidents● Slip and fall on public or private property● Medical negligence● Dog attack Whatever type of accident you have suffered, […]

Common causes of car accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents have been on the rise in recent years, claiming thousands of lives in our country. According to statistics from the National Safety Council, the number of fatalities from car accidents exceeded 40,000 people in 2021. This means that even though more safety measures have been tried, negligent drivers continue to disregard traffic […]

Wrongful death claim

Unfortunately, there are times when the personnel in charge of ensuring the health of their patients in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices, among others, commit negligent acts by mistake or intentionally. Thus causing severe consequences such as an unfair death in a patient who could have continued his life if he had been cared for […]

Validate the emotional damage

The emotional wounds that an accident that has been traumatic for the victim can leave are also entitled to be compensated because the damage of this type can affect the person’s life just like any other injury. For example, post-traumatic stress syndrome, extreme anxiety, or severe depression can cause a person to lose their job. […]

Slip and falls at airports

Traveling through large airports can be a bit chaotic due to the large numbers of people passing through its halls all the time. Encountering some risks along the way can be common in this type of establishment where having full control of what happens can become complicated for those responsible for cleaning, maintenance, and other […]