Validate the emotional damage

The emotional wounds that an accident that has been traumatic for the victim can leave are also entitled to be compensated because the damage of this type can affect the person’s life just like any other injury. For example, post-traumatic stress syndrome, extreme anxiety, or severe depression can cause a person to lose their job. […]

Slip and falls at airports

Traveling through large airports can be a bit chaotic due to the large numbers of people passing through its halls all the time. Encountering some risks along the way can be common in this type of establishment where having full control of what happens can become complicated for those responsible for cleaning, maintenance, and other […]

Risks of texting while driving

As we already know, using a cell phone while driving is illegal and considered a negligent act. And clearly, this has its reason for being due to the risks involved in doing both at the same time. We want to remind you of these risks in today’s blog, to continue raising awareness about what can […]

Common accidents at Christmas time

As the Christmas season arrives, so does the excitement of the holidays, posadas, Christmas decorations and gift shopping for our loved ones. Unfortunately with this also come the risks of suffering accidents in any of these places. We share with you the most common types of accidents these times, as well as in winter so […]

Who will pay if you have an accident on the street?

Suffering an accident while driving the streets of California can cause injuries depending on the severity of the accident and the type of accident involved. The injuries you suffer may mean that you will have to go to the hospital, doctors, buy medicine, and also that you will not be able to work for at […]

The most dangerous roads in California

Dangerous roads can be found anywhere in the country and even the world, but in some states like California, it can become specifically more difficult to navigate these streets, highways or state roads due to the large flow of vehicles that travel them daily and that the state and activities require it. Some of the […]

Lost wages due to an accident

After suffering an accident it is common for some people who have suffered injuries to be unable to work or continue their activities while the recovery time passes. This is likely to result in them not receiving the wages they are likely to be receiving on a regular basis while disabled. We know that this […]

How does alcohol affect the ability to drive?

Alcohol and some drugs are one of the leading causes of fatal human-caused car accidents worldwide. Drinking alcohol can significantly affect your ability to drive, no matter how little you’ve had to drink. The ways in which alcohol affects can include: Your ability to make good judgment about situations as it might be in this […]

What to do if I was attacked by a dog?

Due to the large number of dogs in Los Angeles, it is important that citizens know their rights and what to do in the event of an attack by one of these animals. Although they are our companions and pets, these sweet creatures can sometimes exhibit aggressive behavior, so taking precautions and knowing this information […]

Suing the city

Suing someone for having suffered a personal injury at your fault is the right of all California citizens, however, when it comes to the government there are certain rules that must be followed in order to sue the state and receive compensation from your part. Our first advice is that after having suffered a personal […]