Accidental Poisonings at Home – Tips on Staying Safe

Most people see a home as a haven. People spend thousands of dollars on state of the art security systems to ensure that their properties are protected and that their families can rest easy at night. But while most people focus on external threats to their homes, they often forget that dangerous things lurk within their homes as well. Accidental poisonings are a considerable risk. Household cleaners, allergies, and pharmaceuticals can all create hazardous situations for the people within your home. 

Especially now. It’s been reported that poisonings at home have gone up tremendously since the COVID 19 stay at home order. Many of us are trying to clean our houses, including shared surfaces, groceries, and delivery items, as much as possible. This can be especially risky for children or the elderly. For adults? Yes, breathing in cleaning products and disinfectants for prolonged periods can be a hazard or even fatal.

To keep your loved ones safe from accidental poisonings, use the following tips: 

  • Keep household cleaners out of reach of children. A child left unattended for just moments is at risk of ingesting anything they can find. To ensure that they don’t ingest dangerous chemicals like bleach and other cleaners, store them on high shelves or in cabinets with child safety locks. 
  • Keep pharmaceuticals in child proof bottles and out of reach. Overdoses are a significant health concern for both children and the elderly. To keep them safe, keep all pills (both prescription drugs and over the counter medicines) in child-proof bottles and in areas that are difficult for children to reach. If an elderly relative tends to get their pills confused, invest in a pill strip, and keep the large bottle of their medications in a hidden location. 
  • Make sure that items your family is allergic to are not brought into the home. It may seem harmless to have a jar of peanut butter in the back of the cabinet, but cross-contamination can mean that your child with a peanut allergy winds up ingesting peanut butter off of a communal dish or spoon. It is not worth the risk.
  • Clean your house with a mask. This is an easy way to prevent the inhalation of dangerous or harmful chemicals. Make sure you keep an indoor mask for cleaning purposes and a separate mask for COVID 19 protection when going outside.

Remember that a part of keeping your loved ones safe is creating the safest environment possible within your home. 

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