$50k Policy Limit Settlement in Bicycle Case

Riding Her Bicycle in the Bicycle Lane

My client was riding her bicycle, in the bicycle lane, southbound on Normandie Ave., approaching 2nd St. She is an avid cyclist and was riding her bicycle home to get ready for work.  As she approached 2nd St., a vehicle traveling southbound on Normandie approached her from the rear, passed her, and then turned right directly into her.

My client was pushed into parked cars to her right. She bounced off the parked cars and fell to the ground.  She tried to brace herself as she fell on her left side. She ended up with a small fracture in her left arm and bruising with road rash on her left side.

She Had Never Been Involved in a Traffic Collision Before

My client was shaken up on the scene. She was scared because she was young and had never been involved in a traffic collision before. To make matters worse, the at-fault driver tried to accuse my client of “coming out of nowhere” when, in fact, she was traveling straight in the bicycle lane the entire time. The police arrived on the scene and prepared a police report, which made my client even more nervous. Eventually, her mom picked her up on the scene and took her to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

After the collision, my client called me because she did not know what to do next and did not know how she was going to pay for her medical treatment. I contacted the hospital and had them send me their bills. Then, I helped her find the doctors she needed to diagnose and treat her injuries. She received all of the treatment that the hospital recommended and she eventually made a full recovery.

Medical Bills Paid and Was Able to Keep a Significant Portion

The at-fault driver’s insurance company tried to offer less than their policy limit amount to settle the case. After battling back and forth, the insurance company was forced to tender its $50,000 policy limit. From that settlement, we were able to pay the hospital and all of her other medical bills. She was happy that she got her medical bills paid and was able to keep a significant portion of the recovery in her pocket.

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