$245,000 Settlement in Slip and Fall at Fast Food Restaurant

A Leak Coming from the Ice Machine

My client slipped and fell as she walked up to the cash register to place her order.  There was a leak coming from the ice machine about ten feet away. The restaurant had a warning cone immediately under the ice machine.  However, the leak had traveled ten feet from the cone.

Needed to Have Surgery on Her Foot

My client hurt her foot during the fall.  She eventually needed to have surgery on her foot.  After the surgery, my client felt better, but she did not fully recover.  For example, before the fall, she enjoyed wearing a low heel and dance at family parties.  After the fall, she had to wear flats and sit during the whole party. This is just one example of how her life changed after the fall.

Insurance Company Made Low Offers

Initially, the insurance company made low offers.  The insurance company was hoping that my client would tire and settle for pennies if they dragged the case out.  Seeing that the insurance company was not making good-faith offers to settle, I started preparing the case for trial.

They Started Making Good Faith Offers to Settle

After two years of litigation, the insurance company finally contacted my office to discuss settlement again.  Once the insurance company realized that we were ready for trial, they started making good faith offers to settle.  Eventually, we reached a settlement that vindicated what had happened to my client.

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