$238,000 Settlement in Freeway Rear-end Case

They Felt a Heavy Impact from the Rear

My clients were a family of five inside of an SUV.  They were driving on the 405 to drop off their kids at school in the morning. They came to a complete stop in the exit lane and that’s when they felt a heavy impact from the rear.  Two vehicles pulled over after the crash, a white sedan that was directly behind them and a box truck that was behind the white sedan.

The dad that was driving and one of the kids suffered the most serious injuries.  Both of them suffered lower back injuries from the crash. After injections in the lower back did not help, doctors recommended surgery to alleviate the pain.  Mom and the other two kids also suffered neck and lower back injuries, but they were able to recover well after treatment.

The insurance companies for the white sedan and the box truck did what they always do in this situation.  The insurance companies blamed the entire incident on the other driver, instead of admitting any responsibility at all.  That left my clients without a responsible party.

We Were Able to Obtain a Great Result for Our Clients

For three years, my clients were left wondering whether they would be stuck with all of the medical bills. For three years, they were forced to fight two insurance companies.  Eventually, I invited trial lawyer, Minh Nguyen, of Nguyen Lawyers, to help with taking the case to trial. Once the insurance companies realized that we were ready for trial, we were able to settle the case.  Together we were able to obtain a great result for our clients.

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