$20,000 Settlement in City Work Van Rear-ender

There Was Nowhere for Him to Go

My client was stopped at a red light on Wilmington Ave. and 118th Street.  There were a few cars stopped ahead of him. He looked in his rear-view mirror and saw a large white van barreling down on him.  There was nowhere for him to go, so he braced himself for the impact. The van slammed into the back of my client’s truck.

The impact was so heavy that it pushed my client’s truck into the car in front of him.  That car fled the scene immediately. My client’s Chevy Silverado truck was a total loss.  The van was so damaged that it could not start on the scene and had to be towed away.

Pain in His Neck, Shoulders, and Back

My client felt pain in his neck, shoulders, and back almost immediately after the crash.  He did not have experience dealing with this type of serious crash, so he decided to call an attorney.  That is when he contacted my office.

Immediately after contacting my office, I worked on having his own insurance company pay out the total loss of the truck because The City was still investigating the crash.  Otherwise, he would have had to wait until The City finished its investigation to have his car paid out.

I referred him to an excellent chiropractor conveniently located near his home for evaluation and treatment.  My client required several weeks of treatment before he started feeling better. After thirty visits to the chiropractor, my client was better but he still was not 100%.

Settlement with the City for $20,000

That is when we negotiated a settlement with the city for $20,000.  My client had enough money to continue treatment, and he was reasonably compensated for the months of pain and discomfort he had to experience after the crash.  It is often very difficult to make bodily injury claims against government entities, and my client was relieved that he had me in his corner to take on The City.

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