$15k policy limit settlement in initially denied liability motorcycle case

My client was riding her motorcycle eastbound on Sepulveda in the South Bay. She was in the number 2 lane closest to the curb. A car on her left changed lanes into her. The collision launched her from her motorcycle. She lost consciousness when she hit the ground and regained consciousness as she was rolling down the street. She ended up coming to a sliding stop in the middle of a crosswalk down the street.

Luckily, my client was wearing a helmet and full protective gear at the time of the collision. She was also riding her motorcycle at a safe speed. These factors helped her survive the crash with a concussion, road rash, and a hairline fracture in one of her fingers.

The at-fault driver that ran into my client told his insurance company that he had been in the number 2 lane the entire time. He told his insurance company that my client tried to “shoot the gap” between his car and the curb. He alleged that he did not even know that he had made contact with another vehicle until he saw my client rolling down the street.

The at-fault driver’s story benefitted the insurance company because if his story were true, the insurance company would not have to pay for my client’s damages. So, without further investigation, the insurance company denied liability for the collision. This is despite the fact that we told the insurance company that there were several stores and witnesses on the block where the collision occurred.

After signing up the client, my office conducted an investigation into the collision. After three visits to the site of the collision, my office found a witness. The manager at a McDonald’s saw the entire collision from the drive-thru window. The witness corroborated my client’s version of the collision. My investigator secured a sworn statement from the witness.

After having initially denied liability for the collision, the insurance company paid out the policy limits upon receiving the witness statement. My client would have been left owing medical bills if the at-fault driver and the insurance company would have gotten their way. But, we performed the hard investigation work and we fought the insurance company to obtain justice for our client.

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