$8,000 settlement in bolt-in-burrito case

My client drove through a local fast food Mexican restaurant drive-thru with his grandson to pick up dinner.  He ordered a burrito for himself and two tacos for his grandson.  Mid-way through his burrito, my client bit down on something hard and felt excruciating pain in his mouth.  He immediately spat out a small bolt that was in the burrito and part of his teeth. 

My client remembered that the workers were cleaning when he ordered his food at the drive-thru window.  My client believes that the workers must have negligently allowed this bolt to fall in the food while they were cleaning.  He was just happy the bolt was in his burrito and not in his grandson’s tacos. 

My client suffered one broken tooth and one chipped tooth from biting down on the bolt.  After that, he had to undergo painful dental procedures to fix the damage caused by the restaurant’s negligence.  My client had to have his damaged teeth shaved down to prepare them for a permanent crown.  Then, he had to have the temporary crowns removed and the permanent crowns mounted. 

My client was a 53 year-old man with great teeth.  Now he has to have a crown placed in his mouth that will likely have to be maintained several times throughout his lifetime.  Not to mention the pain and discomfort my client suffered during the few weeks it took to complete the dental procedure.  My client could not drink anything hot or cold; he couldn’t eat properly; and he couldn’t even pass any air through his mouth because of the pain.

The insurance company wanted to give him a tiny settlement, but I fought to have my client awarded future medical damages and future pain and suffering damages.  After I negotiated a settlement for my client that he was satisfied with, I helped him negotiate his dental bills down so that he could keep most of the money from the settlement.  My client's teeth will never be the same again, but he felt vindicated and has the money to pay to maintain his crowns.